The Lancet on trans* health

At the Amsterdam WPATH conference, June 2016, medical review The Lancet launched a series (in one issue) completely around transgender health issues. The articles have been written by expert activists and professionals (which can of course coincide). The series is clearly written form a depathologizing perspective. They treat different features important for trans health globally.

It is not another review that only asks cisgender experts for their opinion. For instance Global health burden and needs of transgender populations: a review is an article written by Mauro Cabral Grinspan (Global Activists for Trans* Equality, GATE) from Argentina, US-based Joanne Keatly (UCSF Center of Excellence for Transgender health), Lesotho activist Tampose Mothopeng (Matrix Support Group). The article Transgender people: health at the margins of society is written by Jamison Green and some experts like Dan Karasic and Milton Diamond, who themselves are not trans, but who are positively involved. Karasic for instance is very active in WPATH. The issue also contains an article on e-learning for transgender health by GIRES' Terry Reed.

This issue of The Lancet is freely accessible and useful to hand out for example to your family doctor, so they get to know more context around trans lives and how the world treats them.

You can read or download the articles for free at the website of The Lancet:

Tampose Mpothopeng at a rally

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