Answer to the Minister of Health, Welfare and Sport

Principle 17 is pleased with the letters from Minister Schippers of 15 June 2017, but also criticizes them.

Breast implants
We are certainly happy that the unfair and indecent removal of breast implants from the health insurance now is being undone. But is emancipation the right budget to pay for it? After all, it is a medical necessity for the persons in question.

Health care expansion UMCG and VUmc too little too late


Today, 17th of May 2017, the gender teams of VUmc and UMCG came with the joyful announcement that they will expand their treatment capacity for transgender health care recipients. Amsterdam met 20%, Groningen with 100%.

English edition report released

Finally the English language edition of the report on Dutch trans health care is out. You can download it here. On this page we reported more on its discontents. We will distribute the report over the relevant e-mail lists for foreign and international trans* and LGBTI organizations and activists. In case you have similar research form your context we love to hear from you.

Principle 17 hands over report and petition to Standing Committee of HWS

This afternoon, Tuesday 21 February, Principle 17 presents the report ‘Trans health care in the Netherlands’ and a petition with bottlenecks and recommendations to the Standing Committee for Health, Welfare and Sport in The Hague.

Petition: Transgender care expansion rather than contraction!

Principle 17 is deeply concerned about the current abuses in transgender care. Therefore, we started the petition "Transgender care expansion rather than contraction" through Below you can read the extended version of the petition, with a detailed explanation of all the points mentioned. Click here to sign the petition.

Dutch trans health care needs improving: 43% has negative experiences

Report "Trans health care in the Netherlands"

On December 10, International Human Rights Day, Principle 17 publishes the report “Trans health care in the Netherlands”, with the results of the survey on the trans people experience trans health care. The report shows unmistakably that the Dutch model of trans health care conflicts on several points with human rights standards. So does the offered health care comply enough with the needs of the care users.

Principle 17 publishes first survey results on Depath Day

For the International Day of Action for the Depathologisation of Trans* Identities Principle 17 publishes the first results of the survey on experiences in Dutch transgender health care. The whole report will be published one of these days.

The Lancet on trans* health

Tampose Mpothopeng at a rally

At the Amsterdam WPATH conference, June 2016, medical review The Lancet launched a series (in one issue) completely around transgender health issues. The articles have been written by expert activists and professionals (which can of course coincide). The series is clearly written form a depathologizing perspective. They treat different features important for trans health globally.

About Principle 17

Who we are?

Principle 17 is a collective of activists from the Netherlands, that promotes customized trans* health care. Health care if you need it, when you need it, as you need. We call ourselves to Yogyakarta Principle 17.

Patients' rights are human rights are trans* rights

In Principle 17's flyer "Patients' rights are human rights are trans* rights" you can read all about your rights as a health care taker.

Download the brochure here. (Dutch only for now.)

1. You have the right to good health care.

Even when you're unhappy with the combination of your body, gender and/or sex.


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