About us

About us


FREE PATHH is organised by a group of approximately 10 trans activists, who started working together in March of 2016, making FREE PATHH a possibility.

FREE PATHH is, as the word states, FREE. That is the reason FREE PATHH is organised by a collective of trans activists, as we don’t connect to any specific organisation for transgender people. This allows us to stay independent and guarantees that we are able to give our personal opinions 100% freely, without connected organisations fearing the political implications of their participation.

As a matter of principle, the participants mentioned in the following section will be titled by name and potential affiliations only, disregarding academic titles. A degree does not, after all, guarantee knowledge or competence, as indicated by our motivation.


The collective for the FREE PATHH conference consists of:

Core Group

Rense Havinga, Transgendergroep Nijmegen, and others
Jochem Verdonk, TransMotion Foundation
Vreer Verkerke, Human rights for trans* and inter* people

Group Members

Joska Hendrikx
Nico Lippe

Plus all those who don’t want to be mentioned by name because of privacy reasons.

Speakers, Panel Members, And Workshop Creators

Due to the fact that many trans activists and professionals are willing to collaborate, we are able to make FREE PATHH a free event. We wish to thank them below:

Sabine Bastiaans
CB Berghouwer
Adrie van Diemen
Justus Eisfeld
Rense Havinga
Sabrina ter Horst
Simon Huges
Nico Lippe
Alwin Man
Jay McNeil
Jan Troost
Jochem Verdonk
Vreer Verkerke
Vick Virtu
Anne Visschedijk

Click here for concise biographies about our speakers, panel members, and workshop creators.


Many organisations and companies provide us with their services at (greatly) reduced prices. We wish to thank them for this below:

AVC Pim Verdonk, Baarn
IIRE conferentiecentrum, Amsterdam
Studio Verdonk, Zeist


FREE PATHH is also made possible thanks to contributions from:

Logo Bob Angelo Fund
Logo Fund De Trut (The Bitch) Foundation
Logo XminY Fund