Speakers, panel members, and workshop creators

Speakers, panel members, and workshop creators

Sabine Bastiaans, 29, world citizen with a master’s degree in gender, sexuality and society. Carried out independent research under Dutch trans women who were in transition from their 25th, to their (self) acceptance in social gender catergory “woman”. She has been working for years for trans * community, now as a member of Principle 17.

CB Berghouwer is a board member of Transgender Network Netherlands with portfolio care and welfare, since 2015. They are also a member of activists collective Principle 17, which calls for customized trans health care. In everyday life CB is a photographer, editor/programmer in the field of science and society, and they are doing an education for graphic design & concept. CB identifies as a non-binary transmasculine/genderqueer.

Youri de Blok, 31, has specialised as a social worker in counseling people who are transgender. He considers it important that more attention is paid to the social transition and to how to deal with medical treatments. He likes to put people in their power, and considers it his mission to provide support to transgender people and their families. He is now setting up individual counseling and group work in Nijmegen under the name Transpectrum.

Adrie van Diemen

Justus Eisfeld is a trans man and board member of Callen-Lorde Community Health Center. He is also a serial co-founder of trans* organisations worldwide: GATE – Global Action for Trans* Equality, Transgender Europe and the Transgender Netwerk Nederland all carry his signature. Recent work interests include funding for trans* communities and global HIV policy. He is a co-author of the report ‘The State of Trans* and Intersex Organizing’. Justus lives in New York with his husband Johnny and their dog Gemma.

Rense Havinga, activist and historian, is the coordinator of the Transgendergroep Nijmegen since 2011 and has been active in numerous local, small or nameless initiatives. The foundation for Rense’s work is solidarity, queering, denormalizing, deprofessionalising and building structures where world-improvers without an extensive activists résumé have the space and the means to make a difference.

Sabrina ter Horst started investigations in her own control from 1982, what she could and wanted to do with her (long-suppressed) female feelings. It turned out that electrical epilation was necessary for her, but hormones and/or surgery were not. In 1990 she decided to live in accordance with her female gender identity. Now she is committed to a transgender care, which from the first moment takes into primary account the wishes of transgender persons, rather than a fixed protocol.

Simon Huges has worked as a medical social worker and head of human resources; is now retired. Since 1990 he has been active in the Working Group Transsexualism as a social worker and several years as a board member of the patient organisation Transvisie since 2010. Since 2014 he is member of the clients council of the VUmc.

Nico Lippe (1963) has been active within the world of LHBTIQ, etc. for years. He is f.e. coordinator of the Working Group Information Bisexuality, active in the Transgender Group Nijmegen, member of the participants’ council of TNN, and member of the National Working Group on politics of the COC Netherlands. He mainly focuses on breaking binary thinking, and space for more diversity. Nowadays, to avoid any boxes, he calls himself gender and sexual diversity activist. That is wide and inclusive.

Alwin Man is a psychologist, in training to become a psychotherapist, at Psychologist Practice The Canal. He specialises in the treatment of gender dysphoria and guides/treats people with this problem and other related problems, and their relatives. This is done in collaboration with the well known gender teams, as well as within our own network of (para)medical specialists.

Jay McNeil has been an activist in trans communities for over 10 years. He ran the UK’s Trans Mental Health Study in 2012, the largest study of trans mental health in Europe, and has used its findings to lobby and push for changes in policy and legislation. Jay is about to qualify as a Clinical Psychologist, and aims to use that role to help improve trans mental health and well-being.

Frederique is unvoluntary activist: Unfortunately, it is still necessary to fight for self-determination for transgender people. They are bringing this up through Facebook, they have sent letters to the gender team and on behalf of the Facebook group “Wrong Assumptions Transgender Care” also on the EPATH in Ghent last year. And hopefully this year at the WPATH!

Jan Troost is epicurean and bon vivant. And he has a disability. Jan is involved in advocacy since his 14th. He was active in the Working Group on Integration of the Disabled in Nijmegen, and was president of the Disability Council, now Ieder(in) (Everybody(In)), for 8 years. As go-between, he will bring our worlds together. Discover and experience that there really are no different worlds…

Jochem Verdonk is a trans activist with 11 years of experience in Dutch trans community. He started the website Transman.nl, founded Transman Foundation, initiated the Trans & Bare Weekend, and organised many innovative activities for trans men and their partners. The successful TBW challenges participants to look at their body in a different way, in a safe(r) environment, and to appreciate it (even) more. In his paid life Jochem is energy worker, coach and shaman with his own practice BY JOVE.

Vreer Verkerke is a seasoned gender activist, in the Netherlands and worldwide. They is an expert in the field of depathologisation of trans* identities, of both adults and children. And is a member of GATE’s expert group for depathologisation trans* identities in the ICD. Since 2012 vreer is a board member of Transgender Europe. Additionally Vreer is active in the field of gender education and trans* rights.

Tim (27) started transitioning in 2014. The waiting list at the VUmc was too long for him, and he now uses hormones he ordered over the internet. In this workshop, he talks about pros and cons.

Vick Virtú

Anne Visschedijk had her coming out in 2011. She has since been active in Transgender Group Nijmegen, and helps them much in education and other activities. It’s always very interesting to her to think about being transgender and wonders how other people think about this.