Reports WPATH

Reports WPATH

Frederique is one of the trans activists who attended the WPATH symposium. For those who couldn’t be there, she has made daily reports,which are available in Dutch only.

For those who don’t read Dutch, we refer to:

  • WPATH website: which provides abstracts of all sessions.
  • WPATH plenairy day (18 June 2016): which was recorded. We warmly advice to watch as least the lecture about human rights (after 03:06:50) and the blog of Valentijn (04:07:00).

(If we receive enough requests for translations, we will reconsider translating these reports.)

GATE pre-conference Day 1 15-06-2016 (Dutch, pdf, 2 pages, 62 KB)

GATE pre-conference Day 2 16-06-2016 (Dutch, pdf, 5 pages, 115 kb)

WPATH pre-conference 17-06-2016 (Dutch, pdf, 5 pages, 74 kb)

WPATH conference Day 1 report 18-06-2016 (Dutch, pdf, 4 pages, 126 kb)

WPATH conference Day 2 report 19-06-2016 (Dutch, pdf, 6 pages, 89 kb)

WPATH conference Day 3 report 20-06-2016 (Dutch, pdf, 9 pages, 105 kb)

WPATH conference Day 4 report 21-06-2016 (Dutch, pdf, 7 pages, 89 kb)