World Health Assembly neemt ICD-11 aan!

Hedenochtend, 25 mei 2019 rond 10 uur 's morgens heeft het ICD comité van de World Health Organisatie de elfde editie van deze universele ziektenclassificatie goedgekeurd. Een belangrijke episode in de strijd voor depathologisering en zorg op mensenrechtenbasis is afgesloten.

EPATH Rome 2019

Van 11 totenmet 13 april 2019 hield de European Professional Association for Transgender Health (EPATH) hun derde tweejaarlijkse conferentie. Dit keer in Rome, met zo’n zeshonderd deelnemers. Op 13 en 14 hadden Italiaanse activisten een DEpath meeting georganiserd. Daar waren een veertigtal mensen aanwezig uit binnen- en buitenland.

Respectvol jargon

Principle 17 facilitates expert meetings about trans health care

After years of lobbying, politics has now understood that the situation of Dutch trans health care is harrowing, and that a sustainable solution must be achieved. This summer, a quartermaster was appointed, who will advise the parliament on the way to follow. Principle 17 considers it important that the needs and wishes of all trans* care recipients are taken into account in this process. That is why we are facilitating two expert meetings on trans health care this autumn.

World Health Organization moves to end classifying trans identities as mental illness

The World Health Organization today released an online version of International Classification of Diseases (ICD) 11 that removes trans identities from the mental health disorders chapter. This is a historic achievement the global trans community has been fighting for over many years. It sets the fundament for a new era of reparation for done injustice and celebration of gender diversity.

Principle 17 starts new petition "Structural expansion of transgender health care is highly necessary!"

Principle 17 is deeply concerned about the again dramatically accumulated waiting times in transgender health care. That is why this collective has started the petition "Structural expansion of transgender health care is essential!". Help us and sign the petition too!

The petition is addressed to the Lower House (‘Tweede Kamer’) and can be signed until 1 August 2018. The more people sign the petition, the more powerful the signal that the petition will bring. Signing can also be done anonymously.

Help us! Sign the petition at

Answer to the Minister of Health, Welfare and Sport

Principle 17 is pleased with the letters from Minister Schippers of 15 June 2017, but also criticizes them.

Breast implants
We are certainly happy that the unfair and indecent removal of breast implants from the health insurance now is being undone. But is emancipation the right budget to pay for it? After all, it is a medical necessity for the persons in question.

Health care expansion UMCG and VUmc too little too late


Today, 17th of May 2017, the gender teams of VUmc and UMCG came with the joyful announcement that they will expand their treatment capacity for transgender health care recipients. Amsterdam met 20%, Groningen with 100%.

English edition report released

Finally the English language edition of the report on Dutch trans health care is out. You can download it here. On this page we reported more on its discontents. We will distribute the report over the relevant e-mail lists for foreign and international trans* and LGBTI organizations and activists. In case you have similar research form your context we love to hear from you.

Principle 17 hands over report and petition to Standing Committee of HWS

This afternoon, Tuesday 21 February, Principle 17 presents the report ‘Trans health care in the Netherlands’ and a petition with bottlenecks and recommendations to the Standing Committee for Health, Welfare and Sport in The Hague.

Petition: Transgender care expansion rather than contraction!

Principle 17 is deeply concerned about the current abuses in transgender care. Therefore, we started the petition "Transgender care expansion rather than contraction" through Below you can read the extended version of the petition, with a detailed explanation of all the points mentioned. Click here to sign the petition.


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