What do we do?

What do we do?

Principle 17 is committed to good, tailor-made trans health care in the Netherlands. Much has improved in the last 10 years, but a lot still goes wrong. Gender-affirming health care still works according to the “one size fits all” concept and there is too little room for the wishes of trans health care recipients themselves. Too often we hear that trans health care recipients with a disability have to take (much) longer for the diagnostic phase than others. Trans health care recipients of colour and trans health care recipients with a different cultural background encounter prejudice and a lack of cultural knowledge among health care providers. And then of course there are the inhumanly long waiting times of 2 to 3 years for an intake, mainly because of the mandatory “examination psychologist”.

All this is contrary to your human rights as a health care recipient! Principle 17 works to improve the situation for trans health care recipients. We do this through our own projects and through collaboration with other parties. These can be larger organisations, such as Transgender Network, Transvisie and COC, but also smaller groups, such as Trans In Eigen Hand, Trans Zorg Nu and many others.

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