What care do you need? And are you able to get that?

What care do you need? And are you able to get that?

With these questions we like to talk to members of the trans community in the Netherlands. Our impression is that as a trans person you often have to pull to get complete and relevant information from healthcare providers. And you have to do your best to keep the assessment as light as possible. Principle 17 has good arguments for stating that – in addition to accessibility – there is still quite a lot missing in (trans) health care. And that together we can do something about that. Thanks to our petition in 2017 and the additional media attention, a start has been made on expanding trans health care.

Recently we have been working on presenting an alternative vision on trans health care. This is based on different points of view than the traditional health care providers and insurers in the Netherlands. To bring these new ideas “to the trans” we have received a project subsidy from Spark, the small project fund of the well-known feminist fund Mama Cash. This allows us to talk in-country and with stakeholders about what kind of health care they need and gather support for our broader and internationally accepted vision.

Keep an eye on our site for our progress and findings!

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